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Welcome to the Brooksville Dinner Club, the first farm to table private dining experience in Bucks Harbor, Maine. Elevating local ingredients and celebrating Maine traditions for generations.

Just. Real. Maine.

The Brooksville Dinner Club is an immersive farm-to-table dining experience in one of Maine’s scenic coastal towns. Our farmhouse was built in 1837 and has a very authentic New England feel. The property sits on a hill with a chicken coop, barn, with a garden and greenhouse in the back. We have owned the property for over 20 years and it has served as a place of many good times and lots of good food. At the Brooksville Dinner Club we want to share this authentic Maine experience with you! No tourist traps or gift shops. Just Real Maine.


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The garden

Our home garden is cultivated with the best compost Maine has to offer. Every year we bring in left over seafood shells, manure, and wheelbarrows of seaweed to ensure the most nutrient rich and flavorful vegetables possible.

The Property 

Our 2.5 acre property features a barn, chicken coop and a large back yard garden. Our house was originally built in 1837 and was home to Timothy Condon, part of one of Brooksville's most historically prominent families.

2023 Journey 

The Chef 

17 year old chef and founder of the Brooksville Dinner Club Coleman Benner has been cooking for almost a decade. He built the Brooksville Dinner Club on the values of having a real connection with the food that is on your plate and that you should enjoy it in the places you love. Chef Coleman has spent all his summers in Maine and wants to share this authentic Maine experience with you.


Where do we source our food?

All of our food is locally sourced. We have a small garden on the back of the property where we grow all of our organic vegetables. Our seafood is locally caught and Ocean -to - Table , caught the day we make it. We try to source everything from our own property, but what ever we dont produce is sourced from local farms (meats and breads)

How do we operate?

We operate as a private Dinner Club. The restaurant is not open to walk ins and only seats 10 people. The meal consists of 3-4 courses depending on seasonality. The dining area is a small outdoor seating area surrounding a firepit. The food is made over open fire, with a very immersive experience.

What is a dinner club?

Dinner Clubs are private dining experiences typically focused around a certain theme or ingredient. At the Brooksville dinner club we value quality ingredients and we want to give our customers an authentic Maine dining experience. Like our club, most dinner clubs run at a fixed price and offer special menu selections for a limited time.

Contact us:

Any questions? 
Email us at: 

Talk to the Chef: 215-600-9168

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